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X3 Terran Conflict Cheatsl (April-2022)




By entering other codes, other sets of special rules can be enabled, some of which are more obvious than others. These have been hidden in plain sight. Since the initial release of "Terran Conflict", fans have discovered that a list of hidden features and a secret identity for a notorious support chat bot can be found in a menu option. As the game progresses, more and more features become available to the player. The default options can be altered. However, the various schemes of altering the rules, as well as the potential to use more than one set of features, means that in any game, only one or two options will be available at any given time. The method to enter the codes is written in plain English in the rules, so people who play for the first time are able to do so. Players are not required to set any additional names, since those associated with the codes are used instead. A total of three secret names are available, one of which is set by default, but a fourth can be changed at any time. The level of difficulty is adjustable. Terran Conflict itself is limited to 25 players. Each player can be given one of many support roles. The support roles are those of an ELO, RGO (Recruit), EGO (Train), PGO (Promote), SGO (Supply), and PGO (Promote). In multiplayer games, more roles are available. On any given server, each of the roles can be identified by an image displayed on the game client window. The player can be given a more detailed picture of the server on which he or she is playing. The colors on the map indicate where the different parts of the server are (such as the commander's office, the fleet, the barracks, etc.), and the icons indicate the different support roles (ELO, RGO, EGO, PGO, and SGO). In addition, the role of a player is shown at the bottom of the window. The names associated with each role are also displayed. In addition to the roles, the player's statistics are displayed. Some of these are not available in multiplayer games, such as a list of locations where kills have been made, or an estimate of the impact of a player's actions on the whole server. The main body of the game is made up of two areas. The first is the center of the map, which is where the commander's office is located. The second area is the fleet, which is



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X3 Terran Conflict Cheatsl (April-2022)

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